Här kommer en efterlängtad rapport
från SM - helgen i Stockholm



SWEDISH CHAMPIONSHIP IN RENJU 2010The Swedish Championship 2010 was held in Stockholm 16-18 of April. Totally 16 players took part. Stora SM, the highest league, was for the first time played with  5 rounds Round Robin system. This is new, and will continue like this in order to have a tournament of three days instead of five days. Thinking time was 2 hours and 30 seconds Fischer.

Stora SM was very tight and the winner was uncelar until the last game. Finally Tord Andersson defended the title he also won last year.

Stora SM

1. Tord Andersson     3
2. Stefan Karlsson      2 (4) (SK-KL 1-0)
3. Kristian Lindberg     2 (4)
4. Peter Jonsson        2 (3)
5. Petter Gardström   1

Lilla SM gathered 11 participants and was played with 11 rounds Round Robin during Saturday and Sunday. Bengt Asplund and Björn Wallgren started the tournament very well and long time they seemed to secure the two places to next years Stora SM. However, in the late rounds Emma Warner started to win a lot and finally passed Björn.

Lilla SM:

1. Bengt Asplund      8,5
2. Emma Warner        8
3. Björn Wallgren       7,5
4. Björn Lind             7
5. Marcus Eriksson     6 (23)
6. Hans Sjöstedt       6 (19)
7. Jan Fanell             4
8. Bengt Nyberg       3 (8)
9. Björn Levinsson     3 (7)
10.Joachim Theimer  2
11.Daniel Nygårds     0

Stockholm the 18th of April 2010,

Stefan Karlsson